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Why big brands rarely accept new suppliers

Published Time:Monday on Aug 16 2021 14:11:59 Source:未知 Read:

Since there are so many color cosmetics brands, and Made-in-China products have been so popular around the world, there must be a lot of chances for Chinese makeup brush manufacturers and suppliers to market their products, it should be easy to gain orders from these companies or even big brands.

While the fact is, it is hard for most makeup brush manufacturers to gain orders from famous big brands like Loreal, Estee Lauder, Lancôme etc., therefore, although the makeup brush factory send hundreds of emails to these brands, usually no any feedback, no mention to orders.

The reason is that these companies have had their regular and audited suppliers who may be the manufacturers, trading companies or distributors from China or other countries. They only accept supply chain from these suppliers, as they must have done a lot of work before establishing relationship with these suppliers: they must have gone to the makeup brush factory to fulfill factor audit, evaluate the makeup brush quality as well as the delivery issues during their previous negotiation and cooperation. If they plan to accept another factory or supplier, everything needs to be back to the very beginning step, which will waste a lot of time, money and manpower. And if the new suppliers are not better or even worse than previous suppliers, it is really a great loss. Therefore, sourcing new suppliers is somewhat not cost-effective and really has big potential risks. That is the major reason why the famous brands would like to keep relationship with the original suppliers as long as there is no big or serious conflict.

Anyway, due to the big scale of these famous brands, each department and project team has their own working process. If any new project launches, they may have possibility to source new suppliers. For example, if the cosmetics brand mergers a new brand and need to develop new makeup brush lines for the brand, then the project team will need to source a new supplier. In this case, makeup brush manufacturers may have the chances to enter into their supplier system and become the audited supplier.

As a makeup brush manufacturer, it will be great if we can gain orders from big brands, but we should not limit on these famous brands, there are so many trading companies and not so famous color cosmetics companies who would like to do business with us, and these customers have very big potential.