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Today's Chinese makeup brush manufacturers

Published Time:Saturday on Aug 14 2021 11:52:34 Source:未知 Read:

Made in China products have been popular around the world for many years due to the good price and quality. While in some customers’ eyes, made in china products still mean poor quality, they do not willing to order from Chinese makeup brush manufacturers in case of any quality problem to ruin brands.

It is really an outdated concept. At the initial step of reform and development, due to technology and resource limit, Chinese suppliers were not able to produce high or top end products, so they could only target at low end market. At that time, it was very hard for Chinese makeup brush manufacturers to enter into the top end market. People believed that makeup brushes from China were equal to low grade and cheap price.

With the rapid development of China, most Chinese manufactures have enough ability and funds to increase product quality and R&D capacity. We no longer aim to small profits and quick returns, but enhance brand awareness and fames to enter into high and top end markets.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese manufacturers enter into the supply chain of world-famous brands. The same situation in makeup brush industry. We have standard workshop, production process and QC process; we can meet customers’ requirements on social audit and quality audit…. We gain brush orders from cosmetic brands like L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Avon etc. The good quality and price, as well as rapid feedback and service of Chinese makeup brush manufactures has attracted more and more customers from Europe, USA, Asia etc.

Now, Chinese products mean good quality with reasonable price, high technology and quick lead time.

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