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Logo on brush samples

Published Time:Friday on Aug 13 2021 09:59:35 Source:未知 Read:

The main reason to custom makeup brushes is to promote brands, so most customers will require logo printing on makeup brushes and packaging.

While before mass order, customers usually require makeup brush samples for their evaluation, and the makeup brush manufacturer usually sends samples without logo. Some customers cannot understand this, per their understanding, sample evaluation should also include the logo, if not, how can the makeup brush factory ensure that the logo can be on the right place in the right way?

The reason is: logo printing on brushes and packaging requires typesetting which just like a mold, and the typesetting fee itself is about USD100.0 which customers only need to pay one time; and since the samples are usually for quality evaluation, if customers are not satisfied with the samples and finally do not place orders, the typesetting fee is really a waste.

Also, it is unnecessary to worry about the logo printing. Once the samples pass the evaluation and customers plan to place orders, the makeup brush manufacturer will require logo files from the customers, the logo files should clarify the logo location and color etc in detail. Professional makeup brush factory will certainly have no problem on the logo printing.

Therefore, during custom makeup brushes, it is usually no logo on makeup brush samples. But if customers really want logo to be printed on brush samples, and pay all related cost, it is totally no problem to have logo on samples.

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