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Why big price difference on makeup brushes

Published Time:Sunday on Aug 22 2021 09:42:29 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers may have such experience: they have ordered makeup brushes from a makeup brush manufacturer for long time, one day, on impulse, they actively or passively find another supplier, then send inquiry but are shocked by the big price difference, they may be puzzled: what is wrong? Why so big difference? Do I suffer great loss on previous purchasing?

In fact, it is really normal, the price varies a lot due to different material and dimension. So, while enquiring, customers should clearly explain the material, dimension and all other requirements on the makeup brushes, or send physical samples to the makeup brush suppliers for exact quotation.

If customers have expressed totally the same requirements but still get quotation with big difference, that maybe because of supply source.

1.If the suppliers are from the same location, the price difference maybe because they are not the makeup brush factory or manufacturer but the trading company or distributor. That is, you do not get the factory direct price. For example, the EXW price of makeup brush is $1.0, the first distributor will quote at least $1.2 (some even quote $2.0), the second distributor may quote $1.5, and so forth. Then the quotation to the end customers may reach $3.0 which is three times of the original EXW price.
2.If the suppliers are from difference country, that is easier to understand, just think about that order from a Chinese makeup brush factory may just need $1.0, but if from an European makeup brush manufacturer or factory, the price may reach $5.0
3. If the suppliers are the Chinese factory and European trading company, the price difference will be much bigger, we sometimes get known that we offer makeup brushes to our overseas customers at $1.0, and their selling price is $100.0. The shocking difference, right? But it is really the truth.

That is why so many customers prefer to custom makeup brushes directly from Chinese manufacturers, they can get much more profit from such sourcing with the same quality.

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