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Be alert to mixed hairs on makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on Aug 23 2021 11:06:37 Source:未知 Read:

Hair material is the most important part of makeup brushes since it directly touches our skin. Therefore, most customers will require high quality bristles during custom makeup brushes, and at the same time, need to get the lowest price. It is understandable, but customers should be careful of the low-price trap. As some bad makeup brush suppliers may mix low-grade hairs into the high-grade hairs during manufacturing, and sell them as the high-grade brushes but with much lower cost. The fact is, it is really not cost-effective to buy such makeup brushes at such price.

What you pay what you get. At the same area, the labor cost of makeup brushes is almost the same, no big difference, so the price difference is mainly on the raw material. In this case, customers can send inquiry to several makeup brush manufacturers in the same location like Shenzhen or Dongguan, and clearly express that you need pure high-grade bristles with no mixture. Then you can check their quotation. The price should have no big difference, if have, that should because of the material. Customers should be careful of the lowest price, do not always prefer the makeup brush manufactures with the lowest price.

Of course, it really exists that some makeup brush suppliers can indeed offer good makeup brushes with lowest price. If customers really plan to buy brushes from such suppliers, you must ask for samples before order large quantity and clearly indicate in the order that no mixed bristles are permitted during mass production.

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