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Why customers do not disclose target price?

Published Time:Wednesday on Aug 04 2021 13:45:58 Source:未知 Read:

During initial inquiry, makeup brush manufacturers may ask customers of their target price, while, seldom customers can offer such information even if they really have a target price.

Since they do have target price, why not tell the makeup brush factory? After knowing the target price, the factory can know the exact quality level and quote required brushes. The main reason is customers do not trust the makeup brush manufacturer. For example, customer’s target price is USD5.0, some suppliers may quote USD4.9 which is very close to the target price, but if not knowing target price, they may just quote USD4.0 for the same quality level. That means customers will get higher price after offering their target price.

The second reason is: customers do not want the target price to show the quality level. For example, customers would like to have brushes equal to MAC brushes, but have very low target price. If they tell suppliers the target price, it is impossible to get MAC equal brushes; the suppliers must quote according the target price.
We really understand such thought, while it is really unnecessary to worry so much. In fact, we know customers will not send inquiry only to one supplier since there are so many suppliers in China, and if we want to get the chance, we have to try best to quote the best price under the target price. Only with competitive price, we can get more opportunities to take the orders.

Also, what you pay, what you get. With very low target price, it is impossible to get high quality brushes no matter where you buy from. If you really think you can get MAC brushes at very low price, be careful of the quality, it must be fakes. As high-quality brushes require a lot on craft and must with the best material, which is undoubtedly very expensive.

Therefore, if customers do have target price on makeup brushes, please kindly let us know, so that we can quote you proper brushes with proper quality level.

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