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Why customers do not place orders?

Published Time:Thursday on Aug 05 2021 09:17:35 Source:未知 Read:

The Chinese makeup brush manufacturers may receive inquiries every day from customers who would like to wholesale or custom makeup brushes OEM. While the situation is: they may receive over 100 enquiries every month, but only one or no order. That is, the Transaction Rate is less than 1%!

Per our experience as a makeup brush factory for more than 15 years, the reasons may be the following:

1.  Customers have no real need but just want to know the price level in Chinese market or some professional information on makeup brushes. For example, we once received a customer inquiry on goat hair, he would like to know the difference between BJF and HJF goat hair, through his emails, we can feel that he just wants this information, and as expected, after getting enough information, he disappeared and not reply email any more. That is understandable, many customers may just step into the makeup brush industry and need information as much as they can, they may place orders 2-3 years later to us or other suppliers.

2.  Customers are stopped by the price. That may not only because the price is too high, but also may be too low. Some customers do not trust brush quality made in China; they are afraid of poor quality. So, if the quoted price is so low which is far away from their imagination, they will worry about the quality. An individual makeup brush sold in Europe may about USD20.0, but the Chinese suppliers just quote USD0.5, they do not believe the quality will be the same. Although we promise the quality is really the same, the customers still doubted and will not place orders to us immediately.

3. Customers cannot accept the MOQ requirement. Every makeup brush manufacturer has MOQ requirement according to the brush type. While some makeup brush customers are SOHO or small shops, it is really hard and risky for them to order over 1000pcs at a time, which is also a main reason why many customers not place orders immediately.

4. Customers order makeup brushes from another supplier, so will not order from us until the current stock is sold out. The customers do send inquiry to us, maybe because they are not so satisfied with the current suppliers, so would like to source a new supplier, while due to some reason, they just order brushes from the current suppliers, so they will not buy new brushes until the existing ones are sold.

The above reasons are just part of potential reasons why customers not place orders immediately. If we cannot get orders from customers, we need to try our best to find out the reasons, and be ready for future orders.