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Why makeup brush manufacturer has MOQ requirement

Published Time:Friday on Aug 06 2021 08:35:33 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers may wonder: since makeup brush production is manual, why has MOQ requirement? It should be the same for manual to make 1pcs and 10000pcs?
The reason to have MOQ is mostly due to brush material. The makeup brush is manual work, but the material production is not, the production of bristles, ferrules and handles is mechanized, so the material suppliers have MOQ requirement on the material.

Take bristles for example, the MOQ is usually 10KG which can make thousands of brushes, so the makeup brush manufacturer has to request the MOQ of the makeup brushes to be 1000pcs or more, otherwise the rest bristles may be wasted if no other customer needs exactly the same bristles. The situation is the same for handles. Also, the painting on handles, the quantity in one painting may be 2000pcs, so if only 500pcs, the painting fee is the same as 2000pcs, it will increase the unit cost of the brushes.

If customers can accept higher price, it is totally ok for us to make any quantity. For example, the MOQ of a makeup brush is 1200pcs at USD1.0, while customers only need 500pcs or less, we have to recalculate the cost and requote, as the risks of “wasted” bristles should be afford by customers, so the unit price may become USD2.0 or more. If customers can accept such price, we have no problem to make 500pcs for them.

We know that many customers are not big scale; they may be the makeup artists who have a makeup studio, or the traders who are selling makeup brushes in their location. It is hard for them to order large quantity at one time. We really appreciate any chance to cooperate with any customers.

Therefore, during custom makeup brushes, it is better to let makeup brush manufacturers know the quantity you need and your target price, so that we can know your exact target and feedback more quickly.