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When customer says price is too high

Published Time:Saturday on Aug 07 2021 10:42:17 Source:未知 Read:

After quotation, we sometimes get such reply from customers: your price is too high. Strictly speaking, customers with such feedback is not a kind of REFUSE but maybe a positive signal. They have such feedback may because they have accepted all other issues except of the “high” price.

Then what should makeup brush manufacturers do with such situation?

1. We should firstly show our understanding on customers, they just want to get profits as much as possible. It is understandable that they need lower price as possible as they can.
2.  We should tell customers of our advantages; it is known that price is not the only standard to evaluate a good makeup brush manufacturer or supplier. We should specify our advantages on high level service and good quality makeup brushes;
3. We should ask customer why they think the price is high, if they compare the price with the makeup brushes with the same quality level, with the same material? It is known that the brush price with different material and quality will vary a lot.
4. If we really have space to reduce the price, do not just reduce the price without change on other terms. For example, we can agree to reduce the price if customers can increase the order quantity or prolong the lead time, it can also show our strict quotation system.

Both makeup brush suppliers and customers want to get more profit via the cooperation, of course we should give customers the best price, while it should be under the premise of protection of our own interests. A good business should achieve win-win situation.

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