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No excuse or cheat during business

Published Time:Tuesday on Aug 03 2021 08:41:48 Source:未知 Read:

As a makeup brush supplier, we know that fames and credit is the most important during business especially international business. If suppliers and buyers are in the same location, they can solve many problems face to face, while for international business, buyers and sellers complete many orders even if they never see each other. It requires more on the credit of both sides especially the suppliers.

The credit covers all aspects of business. At the beginning of inquiry, most buyers prefer to cooperate directly with the makeup brush manufacturers, while some trading companies may pretend to be a factory to gain the customer trust; during quotation, customer would like to custom makeup brushes with high quality, but some suppliers quote unreasonable low price to win the order, but mix inferior material into good material during brush production; on the promised delivery date, the suppliers cannot finish the production and deliver as promised; after shipment, some suppliers disappear once any quality problem is issued……..

Everyone can understand that there are uncontrollable things during makeup brush production. At this time, the suppliers should communicate with customers immediately to tell them the reasons and results; for example, customers order 5000 brush sets, while during production, 500pcs is not qualified which must be reworked, it will certainly delay the delivery time, at this time, suppliers should honestly explain all issues to customers and let customers know you just would like to send them qualified brushes, so the delivery has to be delayed.Once something happened, it is not good to make any excuse, as the customers have been in the business for many years, they know the truth. It will be better to tell the truth and resolve the problem together.

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