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Makeup brush set or individual brushes?

Published Time:Monday on Aug 02 2021 10:56:05 Source:未知 Read:

Per our years’ experience as a makeup brush manufacturer, we know that makeup brush set is much more popular than individual brushes. Although the brush set is composed of individual brushes, customers usually prefer a set which includes essential brushes and the bags.

Makeup brush sets are loved by both makeup new learners and professional artists. For the new learner, the makeup brush manufacturers will offer the brush sets which just include essential brushes like powder brush, eye brush, lip brush and foundation brush, these brushes are enough for a new learner, also the brush sets usually come with cute brush bags, which can not only protect the brushes from dust & pollution but also easy for take. 

The makeup artists also prefer makeup brush sets, as the professional brush set will include all kinds of brushes for the artists. These brushes are designed for different application on different face position. Some may reach 40pcs or more per set, which can help the artists to create a perfect makeup. All these brushes can be put in one brush roll, the artists just need to put the roll in their bags or fasten the roll on the waist. But if put 40pcs brushes without brush roll, it will be difficult to find the proper brush once need them, also the bag must be a mess, and makeup brushes will be full of dust within bag. It will be a disaster to take so many brushes during travel.

Also buy a brush set will be cheaper than by individual brushes, it is easy to understand. Therefore, users usually prefer brush sets to individual brushes, and the makeup brush manufacturers put more efforts to develop more and attractive style of makeup brush sets.

But sometimes, users may need specific individual brushes, for example, a perfect foundation brush, so, they only buy single brushes. Single brushes is easier to become hot sales than brush sets, that is why many brands promote hot single brushes, such as Sigma F80 brush, MAC 239 eye shadow brush etc.

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