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How to let makeup brush factory know your exact requirement?

Published Time:Saturday on Jun 26 2021 07:13:11 Source:未知 Read:

Customers who are new to the makeup brush industry usually do not know how to communicate with makeup brush manufacturers during custom makeup brushes. As they do not know the brush material, size and other details, while the makeup brush manufacturers need these details for exact quotation and production.

To customize makeup brushes, customers should offer the following information: exact requirements on material/size/color of hair/ferrule/handle/packaging of each brush. Take a powder brush for example, brush hair is natural or synthetic hair? if natural hair, what kind of natural hair, goat hair or any other hair? if goat hair, which grade goat hair since it has more than 20 grades. If synthetic hair, what kind of synthetic hair? The diameter of each bristle? The dosage of each brush head? Also, what is the handle length, ferrule length, hair length and ferrule diameter? Each detail will greatly affect brush price.

However, seldom customers can answer all these questions, they may just know they need a good brush or sets; once the makeup brush manufacturers or suppliers ask them such question, they will certainly not know what to do and how to get such information, which will be difficult for quotation.

To open this bottleneck, we suggest customers send us pictures or physical samples of the brushes they like. If customers have any extra or different requirements which do not show on the pictures or samples, it is also ok; we will change according to customer detailed requirements, but customers should also offer pictures or physical samples of the changes.

Pictures and samples will help makeup brush manufacturers better understand customers’ requirements and will make the communication easier and quicker than words.

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