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MAC makeup brushes and Sigma makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Jun 25 2021 10:31:56 Source:未知 Read:

Q: Can you please explain a little about the difference between MAC and Sigma brushes. Some Sigma brushes are actually really good copies of the MAC ones and feel exactly the same way, but there are some which do not and it looks like the MAC brushes have more hairs and are much softer.
A: Yes, some MAC brushes are softer and have more hairs than Sigma brushes, that is a part of work craft of makeup brush factory. As you know, the makeup brush production is a manual work, so the hair usage and arrangement totally depend on the workers craft during brush production. Therefore, even with the same material, if the material usage and shape is different, the price will be different.

Q: What makes MAC brushes so good? Is it the amount of hair? Is it the way the hair has been treated?
A: The MAC brushes are good mostly because they use good material and good craft for their brushes; sometimes, some makeup brush suppliers will only quote you like goat hair, but the goat hair has more than 20 grades, so the quality and price varies a lot; also sometimes even quote the same hair material, some bad suppliers will mix some inferior hair.

Q: Is the dye used for the hair in the MAC brushes different from the one used for Sigma brushes?
A: The dying process of MAC brushes is different from sigma brushes; MAC brushes will not bleed;

Q: Why are some brushes softer than others? What does make one brush softer than another when the used hair is the same?
A: Some brush softer than another even with the same material, that is because of special treatment;

Q: Why do some Sigma brushes shed?
A: The Sigma brush shed, that is because the Sigma brushes are manufactured in several different makeup brush factories, these factories use different material and craft for these brushes. Also, for goat hair brush, it is normal to have 5-6 hairs falling at the first usage.

Q: how to solve these problems with the Sigma brushes and how to make them better/ as well as the MAC brushes?
A: To solve the problems with sigma brushes, the makeup brush manufacturers should mainly control the brush material and craft.

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