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If brush shipment holds at customs

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:41:08 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers may become scared once knowing their brush shipments are hold on customs. In fact, it may be just a routine inspection at customs, no need to worry too much.

Some may ask: our shipments are never hold at customs, why this time? Well, there are so many packages passed the customs every day, it is impossible to inspect each package, so the customs randomly check the packages. Sometimes, your packages may pass the customs without inspection, while sometimes, they are randomly chosen to be inspected.

Usually, there will be no problem as long as your packages are not dangerous goods or declare less value to avoid taxes. The customs will release the packages within 1-2 days.

If the shipments are hold at Chinese customs, our forwarder will immediately notify us and require us to offer required documents, then the forwarder will submit these documents to Chinese customs, if no problem, the packages will be released quickly.

If the packages are hold at the customers’ local customs, the forwarder will also contact customers immediately according to the contact information on the waybill, so it is very important to list customer’s correct contact information on the waybill in case of anything happened. The forwarder will notify customers to submit essential documents. Also, we will keep tracking the shipments once they are sent out, if finding anything unusual, we will immediately contact customers and let them contact their local forwarder to check out the shipment status. If no problem, the packages will be also released quickly.

Therefore, as long as your products and documents are legal and declare actual value, no need to worry even if they are inspected at customs.

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