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Confirmation by pictures during brush production

Published Time:Wednesday on Jun 23 2021 09:09:50 Source:未知 Read:

After prepayment, many customers cannot wait to receive the makeup brushes. While the normal lead time of the makeup brush manufacturer is about 45 days, during this period, customers really wonder if they can receive makeup brushes that 100% meet their requirements.

Generally, we will send samples for customers’ confirmation before mass production. But sometimes, customers may make some changes on brush samples, for example: change colors, size or material etc. Theoretically, we should send new samples for customers’ confirmation, while the lead time of new samples is also about 10-15 days, it will waste a lot of time if repeatedly confirm the samples. Therefore, most customers and makeup brush manufacturers would like to directly start mass production as long as the requirements are described in detail. While some customers still have some concerns on the makeup brushes and eagerly want to see the real brushes ASAP.

Also, some samples may have no customers’ logo, the makeup brush factory will print the logo during mass production. So even if customers are satisfied with the makeup brush samples, they are not sure what their logo will look like on the makeup brush handles.

To relax customers, if requested, at the very beginning of mass production, we will firstly produce some finished brushes with required logo, or any required change on color/material/size, then take the pictures of these brushes to send to customers via emails for confirmation. If customers are satisfied with the pictures, we will start mass production; if not so satisfied, we can make changes according to customers’ requirements, and will not start mass production until get customers’ confirmation.

In this way, we can save time and money to confirm brush samples via express, and customers will have a clear idea of what kind of brushes they will receive!

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