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How makeup brush manufacturer count shipping quantity?

Published Time:Tuesday on Jun 22 2021 08:43:26 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers wonder how the makeup brush factory ensures the shipping quantity of the makeup brush order quantity. Usually, the order quantity will be more than 10Kpcs, some reaches billion pcs, it is hard to count by hands, and also manual counting is not so accurate.

In fact, due to time limit, it is impossible for makeup brush factory to count the makeup brushes one by one. The normal way is to weigh each brush to get the unit net weight, then calculate the quantity of the total shipment accordingly. For example, the unit weight of a powder brush is 20g, the order quantity is 5000pcs, and we plan to put 200pcs in each inner carton, so the net weight of each inner carton should be 4kg. We do not need to count 200pcs for each inner carton, but just put many makeup brushes on the electronic weighing machine till the scale reaches 4kg. Therefore, we can ensure the quantity in each inner carton, and count the inner carton numbers to ensure the total brush quantity.

Anyway, since makeup brush production is a manual process, it is hard to ensure the net weight of each brush to be completely the same. For example, one brush may 20g, while the other may be 19g or 21g, so maybe the quantity in one inner carton is 200pcs, but 198pcs in another carton.  Therefore, calculating the quantity through weight is also not so accurate. If more than the quantity, that will be no problem, but if less than the order quantity, it may hurt our customers’ business.
To avoid this situation, we always put spare parts for each shipment. Usually we will put 5-10pcs spare brushes for each type, and will notify customers of the carton# of the spare parts via email.

Therefore, customers no need to worry about the quantity, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we will always try our best to protect customers’ profits.

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