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Certificate and test report of makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on Jun 21 2021 09:36:34 Source:未知 Read:

Generally, most customers will not need certificate or test report for makeup brushes, as long as the quality is good enough. But for European customers, due to government and customs requirement, they usually require various certificates and test reports from the makeup brush manufacturers or suppliers.

The most common certificate is ISO which can show the qualification of the makeup brush manufacturer. Anyway, such certificate has no direct evaluation on makeup brush itself but an overall evaluation on the makeup brush factory.

It is known that makeup brush has 3 parts: hair, ferrule and handle, so the direct evaluation should be on these 3 parts.

The hair should be cruelty free; some customers may also require disinfection and sterilization for natural animal hairs which may contain germs. The ferrule material is usually aluminum and copper which should contain limited Cd, Pb and Hg. The handle is usually painted, so should test the painting to prove that the painting is green and no harm to human body and environment.

Usually, per customers’ requirements during custom makeup brushes, after finishing the production, we will submit some samples to a reliable test institute like SGS, ask for a test on the samples according to required regulation, then SGS will do the test and send us a test report to show if the submitted samples are qualified. If not qualified, the makeup brush factory will have to rework the makeup brushes till qualified. If qualified, such test reports will help with the custom clearance at customer’s country, especially for European countries, these test reports are essential, or the goods will be hold on customs and cannot reach customers.

However, the makeup brush factory will not include the test fee during quotation, so if customers have such requirement, they should pay extra fee for such tests.

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