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Custom Makeup Brushes Packaging

Published Time:Friday on Nov 05 2021 10:19:07 Source:未知 Read:

To have hot sale products, you should well know target market and product positioning. Before custom makeup brushes and packaging, firstly do market research and decide your target price on makeup brushes and packaging. Then design and communicate with the makeup brush and packaging manufacturers base on such target price.

Just like all other products, packaging also have different level. Good packaging can improve product level. Even if packaging is a kind of waste, we have to admit that packaging firstly decides consumers’ choice. Especially for beauty products and cosmetics, few people will buy a makeup products without packaging.

We have discussed a lot on how to custom makeup brushes base on target price, here is some suggestions on how to custom makeup brush packaging for your reference:

Choosing Material

Firstly,  choose the makeup brushes packaging function you want. If inside makeup brushes need to be visible before unpacking? If yes, transparent PET box or paper box with window would be better; If not, paper box would be a good choice. Plastic box can prevent the inside brushes from dust and water, paper material is eco-friendly. Send the final packaging size to the packaging manufacturer, they will suggest proper thickness upon function demand.

Environment protection is important to all of us. Packaging material must be eco-friendly and avoid unnecessary waste. Send your makeup brushes packaging idea and design to the manufacturers who can give  professional advice to minimize the waste and save cost.

Choosing Structure

Once the material is finalized, you should choose packaging structure. If  hanger or clip is needed?How to unpack?  If protective tray is required inside the packaging to fix and protect the makeup brushes? Send all exact requirements and ideas to the manufacturers  for professional suggestions.

Finalizing Design Style

First impression is very important.For packaging, attractive design is as much important as quality. The manufacturer can only offer suggestions on packaging itself. Customer should do full analysis on target market and users habit, so that you can know which packaging design will immediately catch users’ eyes, then confirm the final design styles you are going to take.

Printing and Decoration

Besides good material and attractive design, you also can do special printing or decoration on the packaging to attract the customer’s attention. For example, golden foil hot stamping,  embossing and UV spot etc. You can choose proper process and decoration according to your design and target market.