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Quality Control of Makeup Brush Head

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As a professional makeup brush factory, quality is our life. Here we would like to share our inspection methods and standard on the brush head, so that customers can fully understand our quality level and be at ease during custom makeup brush OEM from us.
QC of Brush Head
Inspecting according to:
• Inspection Sheet
•Production Instruction Sheet
•Customers' Approved Samples/Benchmark

1. Dimension
•≥¢11.5mm: Tolerance in exposed length:±1mm
•≥¢10.0mm: Tolerance in exposed length:±0.5mm

2. Material
•Visual checking: see if the same as benchmark or samples

3. Appearance
30cm from inspector sight and visually check:
• if the brush head shape is the same as benchmark
• if the hair quantity/dosage is the same as benchmark
• If the pressed width is the same as benchmark, no unstraight press;
¢4.0~10mm aluminum ferrule pressed length±0.3mm, pressed thickness ±0.2mm; > 11.0mm aluminum ferrule pressed length±0.5mm, thickness ±0.3mm
• Glue dosage and level-the gap between ferrule and brush head:
≥¢11.5mm, gap within 3mm;<11.5mm, gap within 2mm; no glue on surface
• The exposed hair length tolerance: ≥¢11.5mm:±1mm; ≤¢11.0mm:±0.5mm

4. Performance
Hair falling/shedding test:
• clock-wisely sweep the brush head back and forth for 20 times, no more than 7 hairs falling is acceptable;
Brush head apart test—tension test
•fix the brush head into tension meter and pull to 22N for 10 seconds, no apart