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Quality Control of Aluminum ferrule

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As a professional makeup brush factory, quality is our life. To ensure the brush quality, before assembly, we have strict inspection process on bristle, ferrule and handle.
Here we would like to share our inspection methods and standard on the aluminum ferrules, so that customers can fully understand our quality level and be at ease during custom makeup brush OEM from us.
QC of Aluminum ferrule

 Inspecting according to:
• Inspection Sheet
•Production Instruction Sheet
•Customers' Approved Samples/Benchmark

1. Dimension:
vernier caliper
• ≥¢16.0mm tolerance:±1mm in length, +0.2mm in diameter, 0.4±0.15mm in thickness
• ≥¢11.5mm tolerance:±1mm in length, +0.2mm in diameter, 0.3±0.1mm in thickness
• ≤10.0mm tolerance:±1mm in length, +0.1mm in diameter, 0.25±0.05mm in thickness

2. Material
•Use knocking comparison and Leeb hardness tester to see if the same as benchmark

3. Appearance :
•Color:Compare with benchmark;
 •Scratch:Visually check if any scratch on surface, no more than 3 scratches within 0.9*0.2*0.2mm should be OK
•Oxidation:Visually check if unqualified oxidation or white spot, no more than 3 spots within 0.1mm should be OK
•Cleanness:No dirty within 30cm from inspector sight

4. Performance:
Printing/painting falling:
• Use 3M adhesive tape to test the logo surface and painting surface for 3 times
•Wet the cotton cloth with alcohol, and slightly wipe the logo surface for 3 times, light color left on cotton surface is acceptable
• No letter missing, no letter breaking, no indistinct letter , no paint falling