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Painting smell of makeup brushes-custom makeup brushes OEM

Published Time:Friday on Feb 26 2021 08:45:12 Source:未知 Read:

Upon unpacking makeup brushes, if customers find some painting smell from the makeup brushes, do not worry, as we always use green paint for our makeup brushes,which is no harm to human beings. This smell is just because the handle painting is not completely dry;Please put the brushes at dry and ventilate place for several days, the smell will disappear.
How this smell appears or why the painting can not be completely dried? Here, we would like to explain as following:
During custom makeup brushes, customers and the makeup brush manufacturers will reach an agreement on the brush price, lead time, payment terms etc. After everything is confirmed, customers will place orders to the makeup brush manufacturers to arrange production.
However, sometimes, customers may temporarily require urgent delivery which is shorter than agreed lead time. Although we should follow the normal brush production process, to support customers, we should try our best to meet the delivery date. But in this case, we will have not enough time for painting drying. Or, due to continuous rainy days in our location, the painting will also not be able to dry quickly as sunny days. Although we will use big fans in our workshop to speed up the drying process, it will not help too much in rainy days.
In a word, the painting smell is caused by shorter drying period or rainy weather.
It will not affect the quality at all, and such smell will disappear after the painting is completely dry. If customers immediately open the packages after getting the brushes, and store them at cool and ventilate place, the smell will disappear in several days.
If customers can not accept such smell, we will have to leave some more days to wait for painting drying, so not be able to meet customer’s urgent delivery requirement. After all, such process can not be controlled by human beings. We hope to get understanding from all customers on this situation.
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