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Makeup brush structure

Published Time:Friday on Feb 26 2021 07:32:30 Source:未知 Read:

Currently, there are mainly 3 types of makeup brush structure on the brush market:

1. Common makeup brushes: consists of three parts, i.e.brush head, ferrule (metal part) and handle. This is the basic, most widely used and popular type.

2. KABUKI brushes (Also called mushroom brushes). Such brush only consists of bristle and base. In fact there is another part-a blank tube inside the base, which is used to hold the bristles. However it is invisible from outside.

3.  Retractable Brushes. Consists of three or two parts:
►3 parts- a upper cap, a bottom base with retractable mechanism, and bristle. when retracted, the bristle is hidden into bottom base, but the bristles top still visible, so need a cap to protect the bristles.
►2 parts- no cap, just bristle and retractable mechanism, when retracted, the bristle is completely hidden inside and invisible, so no need any protective cap

There are also other types of makeup brushes, but all of these makeup brushes are transformed from the basic types, we believe that there will be more and more creative ideas and designs to manufacture perfect makeup brushes.

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