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Paints on makeup brush handles

Published Time:Friday on Jun 18 2021 10:01:52 Source:未知 Read:

No matter with wooden handles, bamboo handles or plastic handles, all makeup brush handles need to be painted or plated to required color or effect. Since there are various paints on the market, here we would like to introduce something about the paints used on makeup brushes.

The paints we usually used are NC (nitrocellulose), PE (polyethylene) , and PU(polyurethane), each of them includes various colors and coloring agent such as the glaze on NC paint.

The most common paint is NC paint, it is the most economic and normal paint. While some countries have strict control on paint usage, NC paint may not pass their customs, so some customers may require PE or PU paint on the makeup brush handles. PU and PE is expensive than NC, so the unit price of the makeup brushes will relatively higher.

All NC, PE and PU paint has topcoat and primer paint with different colors. Since they are chemical products, most European countries may require test reports or certificates on such paint to ensure that the paint has no harm to environment and human body. If so, all related paints including topcoat, primer paint and glaze should be submitted to the test institute to do the test.

If without special requirement, the makeup brush factory will use NC as default paint, so before placing orders, customers should clearly understand their government policy on paint; if NC paint is not ok, customers should clarify during custom makeup brushes, so that the makeup brush factory can quote accordingly; if related test reports are required, the fee should be afforded by customers.

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