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Makeup brush manufacturers produce some existing samples

Published Time:Thursday on Jun 17 2021 12:22:00 Source:未知 Read:

Having been in makeup brush industry for so many years, we meet many customers who have no clear idea on which makeup brushes they want to order. Some of them are new to this industry and just would like to sell makeup brushes in their local area. Therefore, before custom makeup brushes, they usually require existing samples or best sellers from the makeup brush factory, so that they can check the capacity and quality of the makeup brush factory, and better understand the difference between different makeup brushes and materials.

However, the normal lead time of makeup brush samples is about 15 days. If the makeup brush factory has no existing brushes in stock, but start to produce samples only after getting customers’ approval, it will greatly affect the whole business progress.

In fact, it is ok to offer some customers the same samples, so to save time, the makeup brush manufacturer can produce certain brush samples in advance. For example, make 20 sets of the most popular and hot sale makeup brushes at one time, so that once customers require samples, we can immediately send the existing samples to them, which will save time for both customers and makeup brush manufacturers. Once the 20 sets samples are almost sold out, we can make another 20 sets samples again, also we can add the best sellers in that period to the samples, so that we can introduce new arrivals to customers and keep our customers be updated of any information on makeup brush industry.

As a makeup brush factory who specialize in custom makeup brushes OEM for worldwide customers, we should always keep fresh and creative, try best to offer better service to customers, solve any problem from customers, and win more orders for our company.

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