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Makeup brushes with Bamboo handles

Published Time:Wednesday on Jun 16 2021 09:00:38 Source:未知 Read:

Due to environment protection consideration, some customers may prefer bamboo handles for their makeup brushes. It is ok for makeup brush manufacturers to produce makeup brushes with bamboo handles, while customers should know that the production time of bamboo handles will be a little longer than wooden or plastic handles.

The reason is the original bamboo color is slight yellow, while customers usually require clean color, so the makeup brush factory has to do some special process to change the color to be clean, and then do the painting. For wooden handles, if the weather is rainy, we can bake dry the painted handles to ensure on-time delivery; but for bamboo handles, we cannot bake them but only air dry or sun dry. If baked, the bamboo handle will change to yellow again. Therefore, on rainy day, it is usually hard for us to deliver the makeup brushes on time. During custom makeup brushes, if customers want bamboo handles, we usually offer 5 days longer lead time than wooden handles.

We hope to get understanding from customers on delivery time, at the same time we will try best to control everything during makeup brush production including the weather situation. Therefore, if our normal lead time is 30 days, in June and July when is the rainy season in China, we may quote 45 days for makeup brushes with bamboo handles. The situation will also happen in winter. If customers can accept 45 days that will be ok for both of us; while if customers are urgently in need of the brushes, we will try our best to expedite the shipment.

As a makeup brush factory, we always try our best to meet customers’ all requirements, but we also need customers’ understanding and support once any inevitable issue happens.

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