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Shipping mark for makeup brushes

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Although shipping mark is not compulsory for international shipment, most customers require marks on each carton in case of any missing or confusing.

The shipping mark content and style totally depends on customers. If customers have their own fixed marks, they should send the mark to makeup brush manufacturers to print on cartons. If customers have no fixed marks and are no so familiar with the mark issues, the makeup brush manufacturers can design the marks and send to customers for confirmation.

Usually, the marks should be printed on outer cartons, it means: the makeup brush manufacturer should send the marks to the carton factory and require the carton factory to print the marks on each outer carton. However, if the carton quantity is too small and the carton factory is not willing to print the marks on each carton, the makeup brush manufacturers should feedback such situation to customers and try to get customers’ approval to firstly print the marks on paper and then stick the paper on each carton.

The customs has no requirement on mark style or content, no mark is also ok. Shipping mark is just a way to distinguish our cartons from others, shipping mark can help customers find their goods accurately and immediately, and know the items included in each carton.

A shipping mark usually contains such information: customer’s name or address, order number, items included, Qty, carton number, Origin. For example:
ABC (customer name)
Items: powder brush
Made In China

The important issue is the exporter should ensure the consistency of all related documents. For example, if your invoice shows no mark, all other documents (packing list, declaration, B/L), should show the same information. If the invoice shows mark information, all other documents should show the same mark information. Otherwise, the shipment may be hold on customs and cannot reach customers.

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