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Sterilization on makeup brush

Published Time:Monday on Jun 14 2021 10:30:08 Source:未知 Read:

Some customers will require sterilization on makeup brushes due to their government policy. As animal hairs may contain some bacteria if not sterilized. Such bacteria may be harmful to local environment or human body, if without the certificate of sterilization, their local customs will not release the shipment.

The certificate of sterilization is a prove to show that the makeup brushes have been sterilized according to certain regulation, and contain no bacteria. After brush production is finished, the makeup brush manufacturer sends finished samples to inspection authority to do the testing and inspection, if the brushes pass the test, the inspection authority will then issue the inspection report/certificate.

After the shipment, the makeup brush manufacturer should send the certificate together with the invoice and packing list for customers’ clearance for the shipment.
As not all customers will require such certificate/test report, the makeup brush supplier will not include such test fee in the quotation at the very beginning. If customers do have such requirement, they need to pay extra testing fee. The testing fee depends on the tested items and quantity.

Therefore, during custom makeup brushes, if customers’ local government or customs has such regulation or requirement on certificate of sterilization, they should tell the makeup brush manufacturers at the very beginning, so that the makeup brush manufacturers can include the test fee in the quotation or let customers know the test fee in advance.

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