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MOQ at different situation

Published Time:Friday on Jun 11 2021 08:53:21 Source:未知 Read:

Each makeup brush manufacturer has its own MOQ for makeup brushes, some say 1000pcs each, some is 2000 each, and some may more.

The MOQ will be different according to brush types. For mini makeup brushes, the MOQ may reach 10000pcs; for large medium grade brushes, the MOQ may be 2000pcs each; for high grade brushes, the MOQ may be 1000pcs; for top grade natural hair makeup brushes, the MOQ may be 500pcs.

Some customers maybe just start business or wholesalers, it is hard for them to order such quantity, especially for customers in small countries. For example, the Iceland, New Zealand, Finland etc. they have a little population and cannot order so much at one time. If order 5000 sets at one time, they may need more than one year to sell these brushes out. It is not good for their capital turnover. So, they may prefer paying a little more to get small MOQ.

One reason for makeup brush manufacturers to have MOQ requirement is because it is the most cost-effective when reach such quantity. While customers in small countries may prefer higher price than large MOQ.

Therefore, we indeed should quote MOQ according to different situation. We can firstly quote customers according to normal MOQ and ask if it is acceptable for customers. If not, we can recalculate the cost and requote customers base on their order quantity. We believe most customers can understand that the price for small quantity will be higher than large quantity.

As professional makeup brush manufacturers, we should give customers various choices, and let customers decide which they prefer.