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“Made in China” label on makeup brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Jun 10 2021 10:16:00 Source:未知 Read:

While custom makeup brushes, most customers require logo to be printed on makeup brush or bags, it is easy for the makeup brush manufacturers.

While besides customers’ logo, other letters may also be required to be printed on the brushes or packages. For example, some customers would like to have brush name or item number on brushes; the Chinese customs may require the mark of “made in China” for makeup brushes that shipped to overseas.

For the mark of “Made in China”, many customers find such mark on famous brands, and wonder if it is ok to remove such mark.

Some customers do not want such mark on their makeup brushes, but maybe their makeup brush manufacturers indicate that it is the Chinese government regulation.
In fact, as long as the makeup brushes are not made for famous brands, like MAC, BB, Sigma etc, the mark “Made in China” is not a must. The reason of Chinese customs to have such regulation is just to avoid of imitations or fakes of famous brands.

Also, some customers themselves require the mark of “Made in China” to distinguish the makeup brush manufacturers in different countries. For example, Sigma brushes are made in several countries, so they require the mark of origin on their brushes.

Therefore, the mark of “made in china” is non-mandatory; it totally depends on customers’ requirements, and will be no problem without such mark.

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