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Makeup brush sample approval

Published Time:Saturday on Mar 20 2021 13:31:20 Source:未知 Read:

Sample approval is a very important step during custom makeup brushes. Since there is no standard on the size/material/color of makeup brushes, the makeup brush manufacturers produce brushes completely according to customer’s description, no one can ensure the produced brushes are 100% meet customer’s requirements. Therefore, the sample approval before mass production is very essential.

If customers offer prototypes/physical samples of the makeup brushes they need, the makeup brush factory should exact copy the prototypes including the logo; if customers have no prototypes but only pictures plus description, the makeup brush factory should also try best to send customers the required brushes.

After getting samples, customers should check ASAP to confirm if the brushes are ok for them. If not, they should immediately tell the makeup brush manufacturer: why not ok? Which part is not ok? How they want the brushes to be? So that the manufacturer can make new samples for confirmation; if ok, they should understand that once they give their confirmation, they should not require any change on the brushes during the mass production, and they would like to get bulk brushes exactly the same as samples.

For the makeup brush manufacturers, once getting customers’ confirmation on samples, they should ensure the bulk brushes should have the same quality and appearance as the samples. If the bulk brushes are found to be inferior to samples, the customers have the right to cancel the order; it is ok if the bulk brushes are in better quality than samples, but the appearance should have no change. However, since samples are sent to customers to confirm bulk brushes, it is the best that the bulk brushes are exactly the same as samples, otherwise, it may arise some dispute even if the bulk brushes’ quality is better than samples.

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