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Color difference of makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Mar 19 2021 08:31:25 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brush customers have different preference on colors, so during custom makeup brushes, customers send their required color to makeup brush factory. To let the makeup brush factory exactly understand which color they want, customers usually send pantone color code to the manufacturers.

However, sometimes, after receiving the makeup brushes, customers may find that the makeup brush color of this batch is slightly different from last batch. They consider it to be quality problem. In fact, if the color difference is slight, it is a normal situation. As the painting color is not fixed but blended by powder pigments. For example, if customers require pink color (213C pantone), the makeup brush manufacturers will then manually blend powder pigments to match 213C accordingly. Since it is manual work, no one can ensure 100% the same as the pantone code.

Therefore, for the same batch, the color will be the same, as they are from the same painting. But if the customers place another order after several months, it is hard to ensure that the color of this batch will be 100% the same as the previous ones. No matter how skillful the workers are, it is hard to blend 100% consistent color.

Anyway, it is really quality problem if the color difference is visible. But if the color difference is within acceptable range, it should not be a quality problem.

So, if customers have strict requirement on color consistence, it is better not to frequently change makeup brush manufacturers, as different manufactures will most probably blend different color; even the same manufactures are not able to always blend the same color.