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The influence of hair material to hair color

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 18 2021 09:23:38 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes and makeup brush OEM, the most common requirements are hair material and hair color, as hair material decides quality while hair color decides appearance.

Some customers may consider that hair color has nothing to do with hair material and they can choose any color no matter what the hair material is. It is somewhat a kind of misunderstanding.

For top grade natural hair, it is best to keep the original color. As dyeing itself is actually a chemical process, so will more or less hurt the hair texture. For example, makeup brushes with XGF goat hair usually keep white color; Makeup brushes with weasel hair usually keep brown; makeup brushes with pony hair keep brown etc.

For some low-grade goat hair, some colors are not suitable or beautiful. For example, #2 goat hair or SQ goat hair, it is better to be dyed into one color, dark color will be the best. If keep in white color or other light color, it will show some yellow, and looks ugly and unclean.

For synthetic hair and normal natural hair, makeup brush manufacturers can do any color per clients’ request.

Although custom makeup brushes means customers decide what kind of makeup brushes they want, no one can control the limit of material itself. Therefore, if customers have any ideas on makeup brushes, they should firstly discuss with makeup brush manufacturers and check if it is feasible, which will save time and ensure no problem during brush production. Clear and prompt communication between customers and manufacturers is very important to get a satisfied and feasible solution.