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Why makeup brush manufacturers should keep makeup brush samples

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 17 2021 09:01:14 Source:未知 Read:

No matter samples or mass orders, makeup brush manufacturers should keep reserved samples for each shipment.

For samples, if clients want to have any change on previous brush samples, manufacturers can check the reserved samples and do related modification accordingly. If samples are sent many times with different versions, manufacturers should keep all versions especially the final version, also mark all versions with labels to indicate each change and difference between different versions; once customers approve samples and place orders, manufacturers can arrange production according to the reserved samples.

For batch shipment, manufacturers also need to keep reserved samples. If clients are satisfied with the makeup brushes, and would like to place further orders, manufacturers can prepare production according to the reserved samples; if customers have any complaints on the makeup brushes after getting the shipment, manufacturers can immediately check if it is the truth through the reserved samples; if the makeup brushes in stock are qualified, manufacturers can send pictures of reserved samples and require customers to provide evidence of such defects. In this way, manufacturers will be able to provide enough proof on brush quality in case of any dispute.

Since we specialize in custom makeup brushes, each customer has their own requirement on makeup brushes, reserved samples are especially important for both makeup brush manufacturers and customers. Reserved samples can ensure the makeup brush manufacturers to supply required and qualified makeup brushes, and can avoid of unnecessary dispute.

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