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Covid-19 pandemic to makeup brush industry

Published Time:Tuesday on Mar 16 2021 09:03:10 Source:未知 Read:

The pandemic of covid-19 has lasted for more than one year, which has brought great impact on most industries and fields. More and more shops and restaurants shut down, unemployment rate is rising and rising, epidemic prevention products keep hot…

The pandemic of covid-19 also shows its influence on makeup brush industry in following aspects:

1. Order quantity decrease: The pandemic requires social distance, people may prefer to stay at home if no necessary to go out, and once they go out, they need to wear face mask, it greatly reduces the makeup and makeup brushes demand. Also, pandemic causes economic recession and rising unemployment rate, people may reduce unnecessary expenses to keep their life level. The decrease of end use causes order/sell decrease of makeup brushes.

2. Order confirmation period prolong: Usually, before finalizing the project and placing orders, clients will do factory audit and visit, but during pandemic, each government has limits on overseas visitors, which causes great delays on visit and audit, so the project has to be hold on.

3. Material price increase: the pandemic causes shut down of many factories and transport companies, so the raw material is gradually in short then rising in price, the same situation in transportation. For example, the makeup brush fiber price of this year is almost double of last year, the ferrule and handle price also increase a lot. So, clients may find that most makeup brush manufacturers have sent their notice of price increasing, and the quotation validity period will be very short.

4. Lead time is longer: the shut down of raw material factories delays the lead time of raw material, which causes the delays of all following lines. Makeup brush manufacturers have to wait for all materials to start production. If any raw material delays, the whole production has to be hold on.

Just like most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers, we are trying best to survive from the hard time and never give up during such difficult time. We make use of this time to develop new attractive makeup brush styles; further improve our makeup brush quality; create better management policy; send some new brush samples to customers for potential demand; review and evaluate our previous product and service to check potential improvement….

The pandemic will eventually past, worldwide economic recovery can come soon!

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