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Related industries of makeup brushes

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Under the globalization environment, no industry can live alone; one industry must more or less have some relationship with other industries. Here are the related industries of makeup brushes.

1)      The raw material supplier: No makeup brush manufacturer can produce all raw materials, so have to have a supply chain for makeup brush material.: PBT particles, Fiber company, ferrules suppliers, handles suppliers etc,
2)      The painting factories: To do required painting colors during custom makeup brushes;
3)      The plastic factory and molding factory: for makeup brushes with plastic handle, we will need the help of our partner who can produce the plastic handles for us. And it is known that the plastic parts need molding.
4)      The prototype companies: Some customers have their own design on the brushes, especially the brushes for special usage, such as body brush. And before placing order to us, some customers would like to see a prototype to check the function and appearance of their design. Therefore, we have to contact the prototype company to make prototypes according to customers’ design.
5) Plating factories: Makeup brush ferrules, and some plastic handles, require to be plated to certain colors, due to government environment protection policy, most makeup brush manufacturers have no license to do in-house plating, so we need professional plating factories.
6)      Test institutes: Some countries require certain certificates on makeup brushes, so customers would like to get such certificates in China, then we will need to send some samples to the test institutes; if the samples can pass the test, we will get the required certificates or test report.

The above is just a brief list of some related industries of makeup brushes; of course, we must have cooperation with many other industries at different situation,

To manufacture good makeup brushes, makeup brush manufacturers have to ensure all related industries work well. For example, the supply chain of materials directly decides the brush quality; if the prototype companies cannot offer qualified and functional prototypes, we will not able to win customers’ order. We must closely work together with all related partners to offer the best makeup brushes and service to customers all over the world.

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