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Declared value of makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on Mar 22 2021 09:50:00 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brushes, as a kind of consumer goods, are not as expensive as some high-tech products. The price of the most expensive makeup brushes will not be higher than USD100.0. According to customs policy, the importers/exporters should indicate the actual value of the goods during declaration/clearing. If the declared value is obviously lower or higher than normal, customs will pay special attention on the shipment or even will not release the shipments until getting official prove.

Some clients are not so familiar with the customs policy, and believe it is better to declare higher value in case that the makeup brushes are missed during shipment. Recently, a client sent us a single makeup brush sample, but he declared USD2000.0 for the single brush. When the package reached our local customs, it could not pass our customs. As the customs really wondered why a single brush was so expensive, so they required us to submit documents to prove that USD2000.0 is really the actual value of the brushes. The problem is the brush is not so expensive, so we could not get such documents to clear the package from customs. Therefore, we had to ask the client to change the declared value from his side, till now, he is still working on changing the declared value, and the package is still hold on customs. If the declared value is less than USD50.0, we must have already got the prototype.

Therefore, during custom makeup brushes, if customers need to send us any sample, please ensure that the declared value will be no more than USD100.0. According to Chinese customs policy, any shipment with value more than USD500.0 needs official declaration/clearing process; for samples, it is best to be lower than USD100.0, so that we can get them from customs quickly.

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