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Why makeup brushes are held on customs?

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After makeup brush shipment, we sometimes get emails from customers to indicate that the shipments are held on their local customs, which made them very panic as they believed they would not get the shipments any more.

In fact, it is normal that the shipments are held in customs, it does not mean that the goods will be leave in customs forever. If the importer or exporter submit required documents, the shipments will be released from customs soon.

Then why the shipments are held in customs?

It is known that there are so many shipments pass customs every day. The customs are not able to check all shipments one by one, so they randomly check some shipments by checking the clearance documents offered by importers. If the documents are not enough, with obvious higher or lower value, or not up to local regulations, the customs will pay more attention and then hold the shipments.

For makeup brushes, the customers/importers should at least submit the invoice and packing list which indicate the quantity and value of the shipment, as well as the detailed description of the makeup brushes, such as the material of the hair, ferrule and handle. According to different government policy, if the hair material is animal or wild animal hair, the importers may be required to submit related certificates and approval documents from the makeup brush manufacturers to ensure that the hair will not carry any pathogenic bacteria; if the handle material is wooden, the importers may be required to submit the fumigation certificate to ensure that no harmful pest etc. If the importers have submitted all essential documents, the customs will not hold the shipment any more.

If the makeup brushes are natural hair and wooden handle, but the importers declare to be synthetic and plastic on their documents, it will reduce the probability of their shipments hold, but if they unfortunately meet the unpacking checking/inspection, the shipments will also be held on customs, and the makeup brushes will be quarantined at customs until they are tested to be safe.

So, before custom makeup brushes, customers/importers should completely understand their local regulations on makeup brushes, and require all necessary documents from the makeup brush factory before shipment, then their shipment will not be held on customs.

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