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The cost construction of makeup brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 24 2021 08:54:34 Source:未知 Read:

Many customers may wonder the price construction of the makeup brushes, as they cannot understand why some suppliers quote high price while some quote very low price. Here we would like to explain the cost construction of the makeup brushes.

For makeup brush manufacturers: the cost construction includes: material cost, rejection rate, production cost, workers’ salary, management and operation cost during production, inspection cost, packaging cost, packing cost, profits and margins etc.

Then why different makeup brush manufacturers quote different price? The key points are the material cost, rejection rate and inspection cost. As production cost, workers’ salary and operation cost are almost the same in China market. For material cost, some makeup brush manufacturers may use inferior material but declare high grade. For rejection rate, the high-grade makeup brushes have higher rejection rate than lower grade brushes. So, during quotation, we will also consider such cost. We have strict quality inspection system, if the brushes are unqualified, we will need to rework or scrap them, which will cause cost. While some manufacturers have no quality inspection system, and will send brushes to customers no matter they are in good quality or not, so they will have no cost on rejection and inspection.

For makeup brush dealers and wholesalers, besides the cost/price from the makeup brush factory, they also need to add their cost and profit, for example, their operation cost, staff salary etc., and their profit, so if buy from them, the price will be much higher than from makeup brush factory.

Therefore, before customize makeup brushes, customers should know if they cooperate with manufacturers or dealers, if the manufacturer has strict quality system, and if reliable enough. Only after understanding details, they can ensure that they will get satisfied makeup brushes with good price.

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