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The benefits to have us source beauty products in China

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 25 2021 09:12:58 Source:未知 Read:

Now more and more international companies have established agents or offices in China to communicate and understand Chinese market directly and completely. Although the related cost and fee is very high, it cannot stop their steps to move into Chinese market. Such high cost is a small case to big companies; however, few small companies can afford the cost to establish agents or offices in China. So, the middle way is to have Chinese suppliers or friends to source products for them in china, which can not only save their cost to establish agents or offices but also buy the best products with the lowest price.

Kingyin is a makeup brush OEM manufacturer who produces makeup brushes for worldwide beauty and cosmetics brands, but we can also source beauty products for our customers in China without any commission, as long as customers order makeup brushes from us. The benefits to have us source beauty products in China are as following:

1)  We know Chinese market more, and as we are also in beauty industry, we know how and where to source beauty products with better quality and low price; if customers directly inquiry from these suppliers, they may be confused by price difference and do not know which suppliers are better. As some suppliers offer really good price, but the quality will be extremely bad.
2) After getting detailed quotation from Chinese suppliers, we will send same quotation to customers for their reference and confirmation; if customers think such quotation is ok, we will then order the products upon customers’ request, and also arrange everything related, such as payment and shipment.
3) For payment, customers can directly pay suppliers, or pay us and we pay the suppliers; both are ok for us;
4) We can also do factory evaluation for customers as long as the factory is near to us; however, if the factory is too far away from our factory, customers should pay related fee of the factory evaluation.
5) If customers would like to firstly inquiry price by themselves, and then have us to buy from the suppliers, it is also ok, we can contact the suppliers the customers mentioned to us, and then do all above things for customers.

To offer customers better service, we are always doing our best; we will not charge any fee from customers if we agree to source beauty products for customers.

Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us. We are professional Chinese makeup brush factory with more than 15 years’ experience in makeup brush production, and will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.