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Send back brush samples upon request

Published Time:Saturday on May 08 2021 09:26:17 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, some customers prefer 3D drawings to clarify their detailed and exact requirements on each part. However, 3D drawings requires professional design skills, so some customers prefer to send physical samples to makeup brush manufacturers, so that the makeup brush factory can better understand their requirements on the brush style/material/size etc.

If customers would like to exact copy their own existing makeup brushes, they shall have stocks on hand, so it is no problem to send samples, and sometimes, they wish the makeup brush manufacturer to keep the samples for future orders.

But if customers aim to copy other brands such as sigma or MAC brushes but with their own logo, they have no stocks on hand, and have to buy makeup brushes from Sigma or MAC at high price. Therefore, they usually only buy 1pcs each, if cannot get the samples back, after receiving the batch brushes, they will not be able to check if the brushes are exactly the same as the original ones. At this situation, they will require the makeup brush manufacturer to send back the samples after checking.

Customization means customers decide everything, since we specialize in custom makeup brushes, we will try our best to meet customers’ every requirement. We can send back customers’ samples upon request: if customers would like us to firstly make new brush samples for their confirmation, we will send customers’ samples together with the new samples or batch shipment; if we finally fail to win orders from us, and customers want the samples back, we will also return the samples back to customers separately.

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