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Animal or synthetic hair on makeup brushes

Published Time:Monday on May 10 2021 09:44:52 Source:未知 Read:

Hair material is the most important of makeup brush quality since it directly touches face skin; all customers will discuss about the hair material with makeup brush manufacturers if they would like to order makeup brushes.

In order to create a comfortable and perfect makeup, most users would like to have best hair material for their makeup brushes. Depending on different application, the brush hair can be animal hair or synthetic hair. For the brushes used to apply dry powders, animal hairs will be better, as they have better power holding capacity; the brushes used to apply liquid such as foundation, synthetic hair will be better as they will not be eroded by liquid.  However, some customers may consider not only makeup itself, but also other issues, such as price and animal protection; therefore, they may prefer synthetic hairs for all brushes.

Anyway, as s professional makeup brush factory, we can supply makeup brushes in both natural hair or synthetic hair. Please click here to check the animal hair material we can offer, and here to check the synthetic hair we can offer on makeup brushes.

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