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Bio-Degradable PLA Makeup Brushes

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No matter how to treat the waste plastics- incineration or landfill or bury in the ground or discarded in the ocean, since plastics are difficult to degrade naturally, it will cause serious air pollution or threaten the marine lives. Therefore, it is imperative to replace ordinary plastics with green degradable materials. For makeup brushes, we can use following handle materials to replace normal plastics:
  • 1)Wheat Straw (PP)
  • 2)Red Wood (PP)
  • 3)Bamboo Fiber (PP)
  • 4)Rice Bran (PP + Starch)
  • 5)Coffee Ground (PP)
  • 6)Tea Fiber (PP)
  • 7)Wheat Straw handle (PLA)
  • 8)Bamboo Fiber (PLA)
  • 9)Coffee Ground (PLA)
  • 10)PLA + Rice Bran

In current makeup brush market, the most popular bio-degradable makeup brush handle is PLA handle.  Take Wheat Straw Handle (PLA) for example, it is to mill waste wheat straw into powder, mix PLA extrusion granulation and form wheat straw handle by injection molding. This handle can be completely degraded in the environment.

The common degradation method in nature is microbial degradation. PLA is degraded by micro-organisms, such as Penicillin, Humus, Sickle Enzyme, Candida, etc. Wheat straw handle (PLA) is discarded in the environment for composting, through microbial degradation, the lipid bonds in PLA will be decomposed to produce lactic acid. Finally, the lactic acid is degraded to CO2 and H2O.

Main materials of PLA are waste plant powders: wheat straws, Coffee Ground, Bamboo Fiber, Rice Bran, Tea Fiber etc, and PLA. The PLA is polymerized with lactic acid as the main raw material. The source of the raw materials is sufficient and renewable, mainly using corn, cassava, etc. The production process of PLA is pollution-free and its finished product is biodegradable. So, the PLA is an ideal green material.  It is an eco-friendly material without pollution to the environment.

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