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Why not sell brushes to individual users?

Published Time:Tuesday on May 11 2021 08:07:56 Source:未知 Read:

We all know that the end users of makeup brushes are individuals. Some individuals may buy brushes from a beauty shop, some may buy from specialty stores; some may buy from super market or internet. However, few users will directly buy from makeup brush manufacturers or factories.

Firstly, the makeup brush factory will not agree to manufacture or custom makeup brushes with small or only one quantity. As the factory have to order material from their suppliers who have MOQ requirements on the material.

Secondly, even if the manufacturer finally agrees to make, the price will be extremely high, which is not cost-effective for the users. Take logo cost for example, if order 10000pcs, the cost will be shared, and the cost on each brush will be few; but if only one brush, it will be very expensive.

Therefore, although some users would like to have unique makeup brushes with their own name on the brushes, after discussing with most makeup brush manufacturers, they almost have to give up.

Just like all other makeup brush manufacturers, Kingyin usually will not sell brushes to users who would like to buy 1pcs/set makeup brushes with their own style, unless our existing material can meet the customers’ requirements on the brush color/material/size etc.

However, if the individuals would like to do business or wholesale on  makeup brushes and can meet our MQO requirement, we certainly will sell any brushes to them.

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