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Makeup brushes for mineral makeup and cosmetics

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According to Wikipedia, the term "mineral makeup" applies to a category of face makeup, including foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer, which is made with loose and dry mineral powders.

With titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients, mineral makeups are good for those who suffer from inflammatory problems and acne; also, they offer a mild amount of sun protection. Mineral makeups don’t contain liquid ingredients, so can last in their containers indefinitely as long as the users don’t contaminate them with liquid.

Due to all above advantages, more and more users begin to use mineral makeup, the demand on the makeup brushes especially for mineral makeup raises up. Therefore, many makeup brush manufacturers add mineral makeup brushes to their production lines, the most famous and popular brand will be Everyday Mineral Makeup Brushes, Bare Escentuals, and ELF Mineral Makeup Brushes etc

Kingyin, as professional makeup brush factory, also can custom mineral makeup brushes. We can manufacturer the following types of mineral makeup brushes according to customers’ requirements:

•     Kabuki Brushes - The Kabuki is by far the most popular bush for mineral makeup foundations, including all Kabuki variations.
•     Face Brushes - Includes all other face brushes used for mineral makeup - foundation, mineral veil, all-over-face colors.
•     Blush Brushes - also includes brushes used for contouring and highlighting.
•     Concealer Brushes - are synthetic brushes that provide dense coverage to hide imperfections.
•     Eyeliner Brushes - which one you choose depends on if you want a thin line, a heavier line, or you are going for a smoky eye look.
•     Eyeshadow Brushes - come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes for all over coverage or contouring.

Contact us now to custom mineral makeup brushes, our experienced team will offer you good service and solution.