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History and Information of Kingyin Makeup Brushes

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In previous articles, we have introduced a lot on makeup brushes, but some customers know little about Kingyin even if we always state that we are professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer.
Here, we would like to introduce ourselves from history and roles in the whole makeup brush production process.
Kingyin History

  • 1996-company established in He’nan province, the base of Chinese goat hair process center, mainly sold goat hair to makeup brush factories.
  • 2008-move to Shenzhen, start makeup brush manufacturing for worldwide customers.
  • 2018-move to Dongguan, enlarge workshop and production lines;
  • 2019-further enlarge workshop and production lines, get overseas investments.
  • 2021-establish a branch factory in He’nan province, greatly increase production capacity
  • keep developing and creating.
Kingyin roles in each makeup brush production process

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