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Protect makeup brush samples during shipment

Published Time:Friday on May 07 2021 12:32:30 Source:未知 Read:

Today, we receive some makeup brush samples from a USA customer who want us to exact copy the samples but with their private label. There are more than 10pcs brushes which are directly put into an FEDEX envelop. After opening the envelop and carefully checking brush samples, we find that a powder brush is broken. Maybe it has been broken before shipment instead of shipping damage. Anyway, we have sent pictures of the broken brushes to customer to check if it is broken during shipment.

No matter if it is shipment damage, customers and suppliers should be very careful about the package even if just for samples. During custom makeup brushes, customers may need to send samples to makeup brush manufacturers for quotation, and manufacturers may need to send samples/prototypes back to customers for confirmation. They usually use FEDEX/DHL/UPS to deliver samples, and these express companies will offer free envelop/pack which is very convenient. Therefore, if makeup brush samples are not too many, most will put the samples into envelop/pack.

Since the samples are slim and in small quantity, it is ok to put them into envelop or pack, just be sure that they will not be damaged during shipment. A good way is to put the samples into bubble wrap and then put into envelop, which will prevent brush samples from being cracked during shipment. Some express companies also offer bubble envelops, which will be the best for brush sample delivery.

If without bubble wrap or bubble envelop, do not put the brushes directly into envelop, it is best to put the samples into carton package which can also prevent shipment damage.

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