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Customers take more responsibilities for customized makeup brush

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:38:37 Source:未知 Read:

If customers would like to custom makeup brushes from makeup brush manufacturers, it is customers who need to take more responsibilities.

Firstly, customers should send physical samples to the makeup brush factory to show the required material, size, color, logo, packaging etc. if no physical samples, at least pictures or drawing with material/size/pantone code/logo description. In a word, all information on the customized makeup brushes should be offered by customers. The makeup brush manufacturer only produces samples according to samples or description for customers’ confirmation.

If the makeup brush samples meet customers’ all requirements, but customers finally find that the makeup brushes are not what they want, then customers should afford related loss. If just samples, customers should afford the sample fee; if customers do not show any objection until receiving the batch shipment, they should afford all loss by themselves, including the shipping charge to return the unsatisfied makeup brushes, modify and manufacture new makeup brushes/samples and send new samples/batch shipment….

So, at the very beginning, customers should express their exact and detailed requirements on the makeup brushes they would like to customize, and be very cautious and careful to check the samples from the makeup brush manufacturers. All the above are customers’ own responsibility, if not carefully fulfill, they might not be able to get the makeup brushes they want.

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