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To return makeup brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Oct 14 2021 10:51:14 Source:未知 Read:

If unfortunately, the makeup brushes reach customers with not good condition or unqualified, customers should firstly contact the makeup brush manufacturer to show details with pictures or videos. So that the makeup brush manufacturers can check if return is necessary.

if the makeup brush manufacturer confirm return, there may be an RMA# for all following track, only after getting the RMA#, customers can return the makeup brushes or beauty blenders.

Please ensure the following for return shipment:

1. Proper and protective cartons: ensure safety and strong protective inner and outer cartons for the returned makeup brushes; it will be the best to use the same cartons as the original packages from makeup brush manufacturers. As such cartons should be the most proper packing. If the cartons reach us with very poor condition or broken, it will cause damage on makeup brushes.
2. Original makeup brush packaging: makeup brush manufacturers usually pack each brush into separate plastic sleeves or mess guard to protect makeup brushes and brush head shape. Customers should ensure to keep the original packaging and separate each brush for protection. If the makeup brushes reach us in mess or out of shape, it is hard to judge if it is the quality problem of makeup brush itself.
3. Choose proper forwarder to return the brushes who can offer good price and professional and reliable.