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Some Points For Custom Makeup Brushes

Published Time:Sunday on Oct 10 2021 11:00:56 Source:未知 Read:

 Comparing with existing makeup brushes, customers should pay more attentions on custom makeup brushes.

During custom makeup brushes, you should have clear ideas on the makeup brush design and requirements, and makeup brush manufacturers should meet all requirements and offer the required makeup brushes.

At the initial step, you should firstly clearly express ideas and designs on the makeup brushes to the makeup brush factory and ensure the factory has totally understand all requirements. You should let the factory know the requirements on the shape, dimension, material, color, package etc., or send detailed drawings to makeup brush manufacturer, it will be better to confirm all requirements by emails in case of any conflict.

Even if the makeup brush manufacturer promises that they can produce the customized makeup brushes, it is still too early to relax, you should ask for samples before orders, only after getting the samples and ensure everything is ok, you can further discuss large orders with the makeup brush manufacturer. Keep the confirmed samples and officially require the factory to produce makeup brushes according to the samples. You should also ask the factory to keep the confirmed samples in case of any future conflict.

After receiving the shipment from the factory, immediately unpack the makeup brush packages and check if there is any defect. Do not leave the packages in warehouse and unpack till you need them, as many makeup brush manufacturers will not accept returns after a certain period. If finding any defect, immediately contact the makeup brush manufacturer and require returns and replacements or any other resolution.