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OEM makeup brush orders require longer period

Published Time:Friday on Oct 08 2021 10:03:53 Source:未知 Read:

Since made-in-China products have been so popular and reliable around the world, more and more Chinese makeup brush manufacturers  explore the oversea market by themselves to have more profits, and at the same time, get stable orders.

These makeup brush factories usually develop business through following ways: Firstly, employ international salesmen who can communicate with potential oversea customers; Then create official websites in English, or sell their makeup brushes on Alibaba, Amazon, eBay etc., or participate in various oversea exhibitions; then the boss dreams that there will immediately be huge orders and get much more profit than dealing with trading companies. If no order coming in within 3 months, they may think the salesmen are not professional enough or nonfeasance toward work, and want to fire them and employ another ones...

The truth is: for makeup brush industry, the business explore period is rather longer than other industry, it is normal for a new makeup brush manufacturer to get no oversea order within 3 months, the period is normally six months or longer. Of course, it has exception, some companies may get orders sooner.

Why the period is so long? That is because many customers prefer to OEM makeup brushes from a professional makeup brush manufacturer, as it is custom makeup brushes, customers need time to design, evaluate and finalize the projects; also they need to find a professional makeup brush manufacturer. So, they usually need to evaluate the supplier and do factory audit. All of these process and steps need long period.

Therefore, if you plan to enter into makeup brush business or establish a makeup brush factory, firstly take it into consideration, and evaluate if you can accept such situation. If you can, then be patient, there will be orders as long as you are good and professional enough.

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